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Create your own bespoke storage space with one of our experienced designers. Contact Woodstock Panels Ltd for a customised wardrobe for your home. Coming in a wide range of styles and design, they offer a large storage space where you can keep all your clothes and clothing accessories.

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When talking about wardrobes, walk in wardrobes have always been a popular choice. They are available in a wide range of colours and include clever storage solutions. You can contact our team for a customised walk in wardrobe for your home.


Sliding wardrobes are a great storage solution for properties with space constraints. They are a better option than traditional fitted wardrobes as they do not have doors which open outwards. These wardrobes have generally two or three sliding panels, which slide back on top of one another. This makes the wardrobe more spacious.


Traditional fitted wardrobes have their own range of benefits as they can fit in any type of room no matter how awkward the size or shape. Fitted wardrobes can make the best use of space in any room. The design will suit your interiors and improve the visual appeal of the room.

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